Ride and Shine

We offer full-service car detailing in Cedar City, UT

People notice a dirty car, but not nearly as much as they'll notice your gleaming ride. Turn heads when you drive down the street in your professionally detailed and waxed vehicle.

TekShine in Cedar City, UT offers custom car cleaning and detailing services for cars, trucks and motorcycles. We'll work hard to restore and maintain the sparkle and shine of your vehicle.

Bring back that new car feeling

We get it-your vehicle is your pride and joy. So make sure you keep it in good condition. With years of experience, TekShine can provide elite car detailing services that enhance every feature of your ride, including:

Hand-washing and interior detailing
Car waxing and polishing
Ceramic coatings for paint
Car window tinting

We use the best products and cleaners in the industry to keep your car, truck or motorcycle looking its best for just one affordable price.

Why choose TekShine?

When you're looking for a company to detail, wax or alter your vehicle, you need someone who will get the job done right. TekShine is a leading car detailing company in Cedar City, UT with the experience and certifications to back it up. Our technicians are:

International Detailing Association (IDA) certified

Certified Paint Correction specialists

Advanced Detailers certified from "Master Detailer Renny Doyle"

Owner's Pride professional-grade ceramic coating specialists

Trust us to keep your car or truck in tip-top shape. Call today to schedule your car cleaning or window tinting appointment.